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1. Pride and Joy (2016)

New Jersey
49' x 29' (15m x 9m)
My Pride and Joy

2. Tiedje (2016)

29' x 17' (9m x 5m)

3. field2 plan (2017)

Goriska Brda
39' x 15' (12m x 4m)
Fenced veg garden (field)

4. small herb garden (2017)

Goriska Brda
18' x 8' (5m x 2m)
small berry/herb garden /semi-shade

5. deButts (2016)

45' x 25' (13m x 7m)

6. Espenmoos (2016)

St Gallen
65' x 22' (20m x 7m)
The plan for my new garden.

7. My Courtyard Garden (2025)

Pennsylvania, United States
54' x 54' (16m x 16m)
This garden is ideally going to be the inside of a greenhouse that would actually be connected to my house. There is a patio, pool, and pletty of garden space. My greenhouse also has all different types of organiclly grown fruits, vegatables, and flowers.

8. Summer Vegtable Garden1 (2017)

Ben Lomonds
29' x 34' (9m x 10m)
2017 Veggie Garden

9. Allotment (2017)

55' x 42' (17m x 13m)
2017 Plan for 49/50

10. Spring-Summer (2017)

65' x 65' (20m x 20m)
Back garden allotment

11. SFG- Planned (2017)
16' x 65' (5m x 19m)
A Five Rod Allotment Plot. Situated in North East Essex. It belongs to The Walton and District Allotment Association. 100% of my crops will be grown using the Square Foot method this year. Plants already established Rhubarb, Asparagus and Raspberries will be grown conventionally.

12. backyard (2017)

Saint Joe, IN
59' x 48' (18m x 14m)
2017 vegetable garden plan

13. The vegetable garden (2016)

Toongabbie, NSW Australia
21' x 49' (6m x 15m)
The vegetable garden, year one planting. Perrenial herbs and flowers along boarders, with annual vegetables taking up most of the beds. We have used the French intensive double dig method, with lovely soil, as the block used to flood. Is a beautiful black silty light clay. Gardening on biodynamic and permaculture principles. The house is on a quarter acre block, with the back garden taking up about two thirds of this.

14. Late Summer (2016)

65' x 65' (20m x 20m)
Back garden allotment

15. PACE (2016)

30' x 19' (9m x 6m)
Raised handicapped accessible bed for 4 participants

16. BB Ranch (2017)

Jacksboro TX
99' x 39' (30m x 12m)
BB Ranch

17. 6 (2016)

10' x 14' (3m x 4m)

18. Bocci Crt garden (2016)

24' x 9' (7m x 2m)

19. FamilyGarden 1 (2016)

Mckinney, Tx 75070
34' x 14' (10m x 4m)
Small Batch Garden by Urban Dirt Co. Back/side yard vegetable and herb garden in McKinney HOA neighborhood. Low water usage due to conservative, automatic drip system. Raised bed garden 4x8x12" box. created and installed by

20. 5509 Havanana Drive Garden Plan (2016)

South Padre Island, TX
20' x 24' (6m x 7m)
5509 Havana Drive Garden

21. Marsh (2016)

Colts Neck NJ
35' x 26' (10m x 8m)
Raised bed garden designed by Oasis Backyard Farms

22. Backyard Raised beds (2016)

33' x 17' (10m x 5m)
New Garden

23. 55 VA Veggie Garden Plan (2016)

Watsonville, CA
19' x 60' (6m x 18m)
Year Round Vegetable Garden

24. second year (2017)

29' x 31' (8m x 9m)
second year allotment

25. Lourdes Castro (2016)

Lourdes castro
26' x 19' (8m x 6m)