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1. Home Garden (2015)

Home Garden
69' x 39' (21m x 12m)
Early February garden before the regular summer garden goes in.

2. 1st Real Year (2015)

Kalama, WA
15' x 15' (4m x 4m)
Fruit & Vegetable garden in full sun. Raised beds and fenced to deter chickens and wild rabbits.

3. Ferrell Boom Garden 15 (2015)
82' x 40' (25m x 12m)
MY SUMMER GARDEN PLAN! Note my mass number of berries and Cherry Trees are located all around the fenceline/yard and are not represented here...

4. talbot back (2015)

34' x 36' (10m x 11m)
Back garden

5. workspace (2015)

79' x 79' (24m x 24m)

6. FLHSA Community Farm 2 (2015)

FLHSA Community Farm @ Connexions
89' x 89' (27m x 27m)
Farm at Connexions

7. NC Vegetables (2015)

North Carolina
42' x 90' (13m x 27m)
Variety Vegetable garden

8. April Mingione's Garden (2015)

14' x 7' (4m x 2m)
4X12 foot raised bed garden; 4X8 foot as vegetables and 4X4 foot berry garden

9. Mary Defreitas Spring Garden (2015)

Manalapan NJ
9' x 7' (3m x 2m)
4X8 foot raised bed garden

10. eslambob (2015)

32' x 19' (10m x 6m)

11. start permacultuur tuin (2015)

Roosendaal Netherlands
26' x 55' (8m x 17m)
Try Out Permacultuur

12. Stout Garden Draft (2015)

Ashland, Oregon
75' x 50' (23m x 15m)
Draft of 2015 garden.

13. Spring Vegetable Garden (2015)

23' x 11' (7m x 3m)
Spring Vegetable Garden

14. South Planting (2015)

Food Forest
91' x 91' (28m x 28m)
This is the main permaculture food forest. Here will be grown fruits, nuts and perennials.

15. M & D (2015)

Northern New Jersey
3' x 3' (1m x 1m)
Starter garden with limited yard area and sun.

16. Gzowski Community Garden Plot 2.1 (2015)

Kitchener, Ontario
9' x 9' (3m x 3m)
Gzowski Park Community Garden Plot

17. Trouillas (2015)

39' x 88' (12m x 27m)

18. Allotment-Planted-ToDate (2015)
39' x 69' (12m x 21m)
A Ten Rod Allotment Plot. Situated in North East Essex. It belongs to The Walton and District Allotment Association. 100% of my crops will be grown using the Square Foot method this year. Plants already established Rhubarb, Asparagus and Raspberries will be grown conventionally.

19. third year (2015)

Dalton Gardens. ID
69' x 20' (21m x 6m)
Deer-fenced 20 X 100 backyard garden. 20 X 60 is cultivated. 20 X 40 is left alone for chicken coop and edible weeds (ie purslane). Ground is covered with industrial tarp to control weeds. Irrigation: drip lines.

20. pasture 2 (2015)

Back pasture
52' x 50' (15m x 15m)
Designed to produce large amount for food at once for storage.

21. farm garden1 (2015)

60' x 19' (18m x 6m)

22. back yard (2015)

so. az
44' x 16' (13m x 5m)
southern az

23. Gzowski Community Garden Plot 2.0 (2015)

Kitchener Ontario
9' x 9' (3m x 3m)
Gzowski Community Garden Plot

24. Vegetable Garden (2015)

43' x 46' (13m x 14m)
Vegetable garden

25. Stacey Hernandez (2015)

Manalapan NJ
9' x 5' (3m x 1m)
4X12 raised bed garden, incorporating a 4X4 foot Berry garden and a 4X8 foot veggie garden